This means privacy and security are core to our culture and therefore integral to every decision we make. This results in Brill being crafted from the ground up so no-one other than you can access your notes unless you want them to. We leverage state of the art encryption technologies to ensure what's yours remains yours.


Encryption is handled by Apple’s bullet-proof Secure Enclave, a chip inside your device dedicated to ensuring your data is kept secure.


Your data is secured in a private and secure folder on your device and securely in Apple’s iCloud if you wish. Your notes are stored in a private isolated container, separate from anyone else. Your notes and container are encrypted at multiple layers with keys unique to you, and access to these keys via iCloud is only granted via end-to-end encryption with your devices. Nobody except you can read your Brill notes when stored in the cloud.


You can read more in our Privacy Policy or get in touch with us if you have more questions.