Frequently asked questions

The basics around Brill

Using Brill

Easy. Speak slowly and clearly. Brill uses Siri technology to understand what you’re saying. But remember, although Siri is amazing, talk slowly and clearly for best results. If you have a heavy accent, then you’ll need to be extra clear. But don’t worry! We are improving speech recognition and we will even show you alternative suggestions as you record just in case Siri didn’t hear you properly. And heck, you can always use the keyboard too if voice is not your thing!

Using your voice is by far faster than typing. In fact, our tests have shown that it’s 33% faster than typing out your notes on average.

On your iPhone simply hold record, talk, then release the record button to rapidly capture notes. With your Apple Watch just hit ‘Tap to Dictate’ and you’re off! Great for to-do lists, capturing thoughts, a big stack of sticky notes, a whiteboard full of rantings, or just during a meeting as you go. It’s up to you!

You can also ask Siri to take notes for you so you don’t even need to open the app! Just say “Hey Siri, add a note in Brill….” to get started. You can do this without unlocking your phone, via AirPods, Apple Watch, and even via Apple’s HomePod.

Once you’ve captured a note, there’s a couple of different things you can do with it. You can add a ‘Status’ and multiple ‘Tags’ to a single note. This lets you categorize notes, and also then allows you to filter your list view if you only want to see certain notes for example.

Yes! All of the voice commands you use when dictating with Siri can be used when capturing notes. You can add commas, full stops, brackets, etc. For a comprehensive list check out this Siri user guide.

Yes! Even though the Brill’s interface is currently only in English, we do support dictation in 63 different languages.

By default, Brill’s speech recognition respects the language your device is on, so you can quickly start using it.

Because we understand life is never that easy, Brill allows you to override this behaviour, so you can dictate your ideas in the language that is most comfortable to you. To change the dictation language, just go to your device Settings > Brill > Speech Language, and select your preferred one.

Of course! We understand people already use many different types of software to get things done, so it was important for us to be able to provide simple export options.

You can export your projects as plain text into an email, a spreadsheet, and directly into Trello if the mood takes you. We’re adding more integrations into your favourite software platforms to make sharing notes even faster, so stay tuned!

Trusting us with your data is something we value highly, so our promise is to always use the best security technologies and practices that guarantee your data is safe, as well as be transparent on how we collect, transfer and store that information.

Privacy and information security is one of Brill’s development pillars.

We leverage Apple’s proven platform security technology, and this means:

  • On devices, your data is stored encrypted in a private location, only accessible by to you via the app.
  • On iCloud, your data is stored encrypted and isolated in a private container associated with your Apple account, so only you have access.
  • Communication between devices and iCloud is always done through encrypted channels.

It’s your choice to share your data with other users, or export it to other platforms like Trello.

iCloud is used to ensure your notes are backed up and synchronized across all your Apple devices. Most importantly, because we build on top of Apple’s technologies, your data is stored and transmitted securely. If you have iCloud enabled and you delete Brill from your iPhone, when you reinstall it, all of your data is recovered. Never lose a good idea again!

Yes, of course. If you wish to remove all of Brill’s data from your iCloud account, then you can do so at any time. Warning: if you do this you will lose all of your Brill data! To proceed, go to Settings -> {your name} -> iCloud -> Manage Storage -> Brill -> Delete Data (and flick the switch). Once again, if you do this then all of your data from Brill be lost forever! So, please be careful.

Brill pairs effortlessly with your Apple Watch making it convenient, fast and fun to take notes on the go. All you need to do is ensure your Apple Watch is paired with your iPhone (ensure iCloud is enabled), and then launch the Brill app on your Apple Watch and follow the intuitive interface.

Yes! This is great for taking notes during meetings with groups of people, or if you’re in the kitchen with dirty hands. Use the same voice commands as you do with adding notes to the iPhone handsfree: “Hey Siri, add a note in Brill…”.

Not yet, but we would love to build it! If you would like to see an Android version go to and enter your email to stay up to date with developments.

You can indeed. This is a handy thing to do to help categorize your notes and link them together in themes for example. There are two ways to do this. You can tap on the note itself and then add tags in the details view, or you can do it the Brill way, and use your voice (which is both efficient and super-fun).

On the top-left of the app, there’s a picture of a bubbling beaker which gives you access to our ‘Labs’. Flick the switch, and you’ll be able to use your voice to add tags to your notes as you’re capturing them! Fast and fancy.

General Questions

Brill makes digitizing and organising your notes faster and more fun. You can use your voice to quickly and easily capture notes as well as typing them. If you want, you can then send your notes as an email, or a spreadsheet, or send directly to Trello etc, like magic.

We’re a team who have been making apps, websites and running workshops for longer than you can shake a stick at. We all work at a global digital services company called Tigerspike as part of a global team of future thinkers called Tigerspike Next. We have always wanted a way to digitise our notes in an easy and fast way and found nothing that can do it. So, we made a decision to do something about it and Brill was born. We’re now dedicated to making the very best digitising experience possible with technology.

We do this for you and us—the people who are swimming in sticky notes, and notes in general, and simply want a better way to capture, categorise and share. Contact us any time for a chat. We’re a friendly bunch of passionate technologists who want to hear what would make your note-life even better. Say hello.