Brill beta on Android

For some, it’s beta on Android.
We know.

We’ve been working tirelessly to bring the magic of Brill to your favourite platform. Today, we’re excited to announce Brill BETA is now available on the Google Play Store! Experience instantly digitising your handwritten sticky notes in over 100+ languages. Easily share your captured notes as plain text or in a spreadsheet.

For the Beta release we’re launching Brill’s most popular (and biggest time saving) feature — instant sticky note digitisation — which is over 200x faster than typing. We’ve already saved people over 300 hours of lost time to trying, and we can’t wait to see how much time the Android community can save too.

Download it for free today and try it out. We are always looking to improve so we would love to hear about your experience. Let us know what you would like to see in the future by getting in touch and stay up to date by submitting your email in the bellow form.

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Tigerspike’s London-based Startup Studio (separate to Tigerspike’s core digital services business), conceives, builds, and launches new digital products. is the latest product fresh out of the Studio which is enjoying a growth phase due to the incredible response it has received.

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We are a team of seasoned digital professionals following lean startup principles to create high-value digital products. We have a high level of integrity, experience, creativity and problem solving capabilities, alongside a genuine passion for what we do.

Brill is the latest product fresh out of the Studio, which has been racking up downloads and causing quite a stir. It’s also recently been featured as “App of The Day” on the App Store. Brill’s use of computer vision, machine learning, and voice technologies are helping people digitise their handwritten notes faster than has ever been possible before. We’re focused on improving and scaling Brill, and keep providing amazing value to a much larger user base.

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Brill is on the App Store

Get your party poppers ready… We are now live! 🎉

Brill’s journey began with yet another whiteboard covered in notes and when it came to typing them up, nobody wanted to do it. What a boring and time-consuming task, right? “There must be a better way!” was the chant.

The normal human reaction when coming across a problem is to seek a solution. We started searching the web and app stores for something that allowed us to rapidly capture handwritten notes. We found apps that let you scan notes, and arrange them, but it did not digitise the text. We found even more apps that record your voice, and some even convert them to text, but then what? We wanted to be able to quickly export our text into our favourite tools too. We even explored computer vision that led to patchy results.

“We found nothing that made it fast, and fun, to capture notes”

That led us to rapidly creating coded ‘proof-of-concepts’ that combined voice recognition technology with a novel user interface. We began testing it with people and early feedback was positive. The next step was creating and launching a Beta testing programme to gather a wider range of feedback. This helped shape what you see on the App Store today:

Smarter & Faster

  • Rapidly capture your thoughts, whiteboard or sticky notes using the keyboard or voice.
  • Organize your notes, ideas and to-dos using tags and projects.

Secure & Private

  • Using Apple’s device security ensures your notes remain yours.
  • We do not store your voice and cannot access your notes.

Go Handsfree

  • Go handsfree using “Hey Siri, add a note in Brill” on your iPhone, AirPods or HomePod.

Send Notes Anywhere

  • Share as text or spreadsheet via email or AirDrop.
  • Export to Trello (more coming soon…)

But wait, there’s more…

The team are working away in the background to make Brill the very best experience it can be for you. iCloud and Apple Watch support are amongst just some of the new and exciting features coming very soon.

Our mission to save you time by making capturing notes or ideas easy and more natural, using voice, has only just begun. Stay tuned!

— Team Brill