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Who are we

Tigerspike’s London-based Startup Studio (separate to Tigerspike’s core digital services business), conceives, builds, and launches new digital products. Brill.app is the latest product fresh out of the Studio which is enjoying a growth phase due to the incredible response it has received.

Join us

We are a team of seasoned digital professionals following lean startup principles to create high-value digital products. We have a high level of integrity, experience, creativity and problem solving capabilities, alongside a genuine passion for what we do.

Brill is the latest product fresh out of the Studio, which has been racking up downloads and causing quite a stir. It’s also recently been featured as “App of The Day” on the App Store. Brill’s use of computer vision, machine learning, and voice technologies are helping people digitise their handwritten notes faster than has ever been possible before. We’re focused on improving and scaling Brill, and keep providing amazing value to a much larger user base.

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