Level-up with Brill.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of feedback and support for Brill’s Alpha release from people all across the world — thank you! Well, we’ve been taking your feedback and requests and have made multiple improvements across the app. We now present to you… Brill BETA!

This is a big release with features that support you digitizing your notes even faster than before. Refinements on the core voice capturing interface and features like ‘bulk editing’ of cards and adding tags with your voice while dictating will leave you feeling like a magician.

In this release you can:

  • Rapidly digitize notes at speed
  • Add tags while dictating with ‘voice tagging’
  • Edit multiple cards at once for increased efficiency
  • View card status and tags from the card list
  • Use the new action bar for a utility boost
  • Check out ‘Labs’ for experimental features and voting!

As we head into Christmas we’re continuing to incorporate your feedback and make improvements across the app. Keep the feedback coming and help us make Brill even more brilliant.

Welcome to the journey!

Team Brill™ 👾